• Welcome to BCIO 2018
    Tumor ablation forum Thailand will organize the fourth“Bangkok conference in Interventional Oncology ’’(BCIO) during September 6-7,2018 at Bangkok Intercontinental hotel. The conference will be attended by 120-150 delegates from Thailand and Southeast Asia. Theme of this year BCIO is expanding role of Interventional Oncology and topics will cover new roles of Interventional radiology in diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Society of Interventional Oncology (SIO), the world class  IO society, will officially cooperate and  support to BCIO (SIO meets BCIO)  More than 8 International speakers will be invited from USA and Asia Pacific together with local and regional speakers.
    The conference will include lecture, symposium case discussion and workshop with exhibition from many key IO companies. The tentative program  workshop for microwave ablation of Thyroid will be held in September 5,2018
    This is not for profit event and registration is free. The registration can be done online at WWW.BCIO.IN.THand only first120 online registrants will be accepted.
    I hope this year BCIO is more attractive and impressive to all audiences and speakers. I am looking forward to see you all in the Amazing city of Bangkok, Thailand
    Sincerely yours,
    Komgrit Tanisaro,MD
    Chairman, BCIO 2018
    Nutcha Pinjaroen,MD
    Scientific Chair, BCIO 2018
    Somrach Thamtorawat,MD
    Co-Chair, BCIO 2018
      o  Palliative Intervention
      o  Thyroid Microwave ablation
      o  Prostate Embolization
      o  TACE-revisited
      o  Transradial access
      o  Immunotherapy IO

    International Speakers;
      o  Alda Tam , MD Anderson (SIO)
      o  Ahmed Muneeb, Harvard (SIO)
      o  Marcelo Guimaraes, South Carolina (SIO)
      o  Pua Uei, Singapore (SIO)
      o  Simon Yu, Hongkong
      o  Ming An Yu, China
      o  Ramon Santos, Philipines
      o  Toshihiro Tanaka, Japan

    Chairman; Komgrit Tanisaro
    Co-Chairman; Somrach Thamtorawat
    Scientific chair; Nutcha Pinjaroen

    September 6
    Ballroom 2, located on 4th Floor

    8.30-8.40 Opening
    8.40-9.00 Pain control with bone ablation (Alda)
    9.00-9.20 Palliative spine ablation (Pua)
    9.20-9.40 Bone IRE (Alda)
    9.40-10.10 BEST of WCIO (Pua)
    Coffee break
    10.30-11.00 Transarterial treatment of small HCC (Kittipitch)
    11.00-11.30 Transarterial treatment of large HCC (Yu)
    11.30-12.00 TACE with radiation (Ching)
    13.00-13.20 Update ablation in Liver metastasis (Muneeb)
    13.20-13.40 Tip and Trick in Liver ablation (Muneeb)
    13.40-14.00 Protective technique in Liver ablation (Marcelo)
    14.00-14.20 Ablation in Cholangiocarcinoma (Ming)
    Coffee break
    14.40-15.00 Lung ablation for metastasis (Alda)
    15.00-15.20 Renal ablation (Pua)
    15.20-15.40 Percutaneous Ablation in uterine myoma (Ming)

    September 7
    Ballroom 2, located on 4th Floor

    8.30-8.50 Thyroid FNA/FNB (Vivian)
    8.50-9.10 Lung biopsy-Basic (Alda)
    9.10-9.30 Lung biopsy-Advanced (Ramon)
    9.30-9.50 Biopsy for personalized medicine (Alda)
    Coffee break
    10.10-10.35 Update in Immunotherapy (TBA)
    10.35-11.00 Immunotherapy in IO (Muneeb)
    11.00-11.30 Transradial access I (Marcelo)
    11.30-12.00 Transradial access II (Marcelo)
    13.00-13.20 Patient selection for prostate artery embolization for BPH (Yu)
    13.20-13.40 How to avoid non-target embolization in prostate artery embolization (Yu)
    13.40-14.00 Principle of thyroid microwave ablation (Ming)
    14.00-14.30 Thyroid microwave ablation..How I do it (Ming)
    Coffee break
    14.45-15.15 SIRT in liver metastasis (Ramon)
    15.15-15.45 SIRT in HCC (Nutcha)
    Hotel accomodation

    o  InterContinental Bangkok Hotal & Resort

    More information about hotel click here

    o  Holiday Inn Bangkok Hotel

    More information about hotel click here


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